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What's in it for your hotel?

Hotels earn money by using our solution

Free incremental revenue

Transform empty lobby space into a profitable service, with no staff required to operate!

Travelers want connectivity

Boost guest satisfaction by providing a solution that every modern traveler needs: Internet

Hotels get better ratings and reviews by using our solution
Hotels increase their service offering by using our solution

Innovative & memorable 

Upgrade your offerings with next-gen hotel tech and stand out from competition

Our mission

"It is time to tear down roaming barriers and make internet access convenient and affordable for all travelers"

  • How do I rent HUBBY?
    Simply go to one of our HUBBY Hives (rental stations) in a hotel lobby & scan the QR code to download our app. When you open the app, it asks for permission to access the camera of your phone, give the app access. Afterwards, scan the second QR code on the Hive, follow the steps that are shown on your phone & pay. Your HUBBY now gets ejected from the Hive! Turn it on and connect using the network name & password shown in the app. Currently, HUBBY offers mobile data & WiFi in Istanbul, Turkey. Soon, we will be expending into different countries!
  • How do I connect to HUBBY?
    First, rent the device by following the steps on the HUBBY Hive & in the app. Then: Turn on your HUBBY by pressing the button for 1-3 seconds Wait until the lights stop flickering Go to your WiFi settings and find its network name Connect to the network using the given password That's it! You now have a stable internet connection everywhere you. You can leave the hotel, connect with up to 5 devices and use all the useful travel apps & tools that make your trip even better!
  • How do I return HUBBY?
    You can return your HUBBY after you're done exploring the city with unlimited internet in your pocket. Simply go back to the HUBBY Hive where you started your rental & stick it back in an empty slot. If you hear a "click" and the HUBBY is locked into place, you've done it correctly. Your deposit will be returned as soon as possible (usually 1-3 business days) and you're done!
  • How many people can I share HUBBY?
    To make your HUBBY cheaper, you can share it with your family & friends! Up to 5 people can connect to HUBBY at the same time (5 unique devices). We made it as convenient as possible, so you don't have to go through the hassle of getting a SIM card in a telecom shop somewhere in the city. The price is also about the same as local data prices, which is a lot cheaper than the data bundles that you can buy online... Is your group larger than 5? Then simply rent a second HUBBY within the app. It's HUBBY to go, WiFi to share!
  • Where can I find a HUBBY Hive?
    Currently, we are only located in hotels in Istanbul. You can find a list of our hotels on our website at "locations". Our goal is to empower tourists around the globe with affordable, portable WiFi! In time we will be active in other countries where a lot of tourists travel outside of their bundle. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you want this service for your hotel, shoot us a message at Most travelers nowadays want to use handy tools during their adventures abroad (e.g., Google Maps, Uber, & TripAdvisor). HUBBY offers the simplest and most affordable solution on the market!
  • How long is the battery life?
    The active Hubbies in Istanbul right now have a maximum battery life of 8 hours. Eventhough this is on par with other portable WiFi routers on the market, we want to allow travelers to have unlimited internet for a full day. That's why we're developing a new version of HUBBY that will cover the entire day, from early in the morning until late at night! These Hubbies will be released in May. If you're renting a HUBBY and it's out of battery during your rental time, please feel free to contact support so that we can resolve this issue at
  • What if I lose my HUBBY or forget to return it?
    Before your 24-hour rental time expires, you will receive a notification that your day with HUBBY is almost over. Within the app, you can prolong your rental with the number of days that you desire! Simply go to our app, press "top-up" and finish the process. If you don't return your HUBBY in time & don't top-up your rental, we will block the HUBBY's internet connection. You now have 12 hours to return the device, because we know that everybody makes a mistake sometimes! If you lost your HUBBY or don't return it in time, we will take the deposit that we froze when you rental our HUBBY... This issue can easily be avoided by turning on the notification of our app! We will send you reminders that your rental time is almost over or that your deadline to hand in your HUBBY has alomst expired.

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