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The Hive


How HUBBY works


1. Scan the QR

Download the app & follow the steps to get your HUBBY


2. take a HUBBY

After you've completed the payment, HUBBY pops out of the Hive


3. Connect

Log into its WiFi network with the name & password given by the app


4. Enjoy your day

Put it in your bag after you've connected, to have a 'WiFi bubble' around you

"It is time to tear down roaming barriers and make internet access convenient & affordable for all travelers"

How to connect


Step 1 

Press & hold the side button until lights start flashing

Step 2

Wait until the lights stop flickering, before you can connect!

HOW TO USE (1).png

Step 4

Return by sliding it back in the Hive in your hotel
- That's it!

Step 3 

Connect using the name & password given in the app



Mobile connectivity for travelers has always been a hassle... The dots were there, we put them together.

HUBBY is a pocket-size, personal 4G LTE WiFi router to carry with you, wherever you go. A convenient & cheap solution that you can use from the comfort of your hotel.

Disrupting connectivity for all travelers


Grab & Go

Take a HUBBY from the Hive

when you leave the hotel

Enjoy day trips with a HUBBY in your pocket, providing unlimited data for up to 5 people. When you return to the hotel, just stick it in the HUBBY Hive and you're done!

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