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Tourist with internet from HUBBY using google maps to find the way

Unlimited data, everywhere

HUBBY is a pocket-sized WiFi box to take with you, wherever your journey takes you!

Perfect for sightseeing & day trip.
Connect & enjoy the rest of your day with 
unlimited data

APPs & Tools
that HUBBY unlocks

Apps that travellers can use if they rent HUBBY on their holiday

How it works

Customer using the HUBBY Portable WiFi rental station

1. Scan the QR

Download the app & follow the steps to get your HUBBY

2. take a HUBBY

After you've completed the payment, HUBBY pops out of the Hive

Person renting portable WiFi from rental station made by HUBBY
Customer connecting with HUBBY's portable WiFi router using the WiFoi network name and password

3. Connect

Log into its WiFi network with the name & password given by the app

4. Enjoy your day

Put it away & explore with your personal 'WiFi bubble'

Tourist having internet everywhere because of our portable WiFi router
Customer return HUBBY's portable WiFi router to the rental station

5. Return

Simply slide it back in the Hive once you return to the hotel! - That's it

What our customers say




5 reviews

Manon T.

05 Jan 2022

Honestly, this was a super convenient and easy fix for me and my boyfriend. We wanted data without any of the hassle of getting a plan, and the hubby was easy to access in our lobby in the mornings & evenings.

Would recommend!

Dieuwer H.

18  Jan 2022

Worked like a charm! Didn't have to rely on WiFi from bars and shops anymore during our trip!

Luc L.

7 Mar 2022

It's literally WiFi to Go! My family had internet everywhere.

Normally, I buy a SIM Card, but this was easier + I could keep my personal phone number :)


Istanbul Skyline

"It is time to tear down roaming barriers and make internet access convenient & affordable for all travelers"

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