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Modern times require modern hotel services

An autonomous station that rents out portable WIFI routers to hotel guests. These travellers can take a pock wifi router when they leave the hotel, to enjoy unlimited internet anywhere they go.
HUBBY's Portable WIFI Rental Station

As a hotel owner or manager, you know that providing top-notch amenities and services to your guests is crucial to their satisfaction and loyalty. And in today's world, internet access is a must-have for most travelers, also when they're outside their hotel.

That's where HUBBY's innovative new product comes in: a portable WiFi rental station that allows guests to rent a WiFi router with just a simple QR code scan. HUBBY has revolutionised the way hotels offer internet access to their guests while they're on the go. With these portable WiFi routers, guests can stay connected no matter where they are, whether they're exploring the city or relaxing on the beach. This is especially useful for international travelers who don’t have a local data plan or for those who simply want to avoid very expensive roaming charges.

Not only does their innovative system provide a valuable service to guests, but it also sets your hotel apart from the competition. By offering this innovative solution, you're showing your guests that you're committed to their comfort and convenience, even when they're outside the hotel. Through HUBBY's user-friendly rental progress utilising a QR code, it's easy extremely easy for your guests to use.

HUBBY is also a cost-effective solution for hotels. With no need to invest in and maintain, your hotel can add this service to its portfolio without any risk. Lastly, because the portable routers are rented by guests, it also generates revenue.

In summary, HUBBY's portable WiFi rental station is a game-changer for hotels that want to provide their guests with reliable and convenient internet access while they're on the go. So if you're looking to elevate your guest experience and stand out from the competition, consider giving HUBBY's portable WiFi rental station a try.

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