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How Internet is improving our holiday experience

Having an internet connection on vacation can greatly enhance your holiday experience, opening up a world of possibilities through apps & tools, to make your trip more enjoyable and convenient!

One of the biggest benefits of having internet access while on vacation is the ability to use review platforms in combination with navigation apps. For example: If you're outside in a specific area in the city and looking for a place to eat, you can use a site like TripAdvisor or Google Reviews to find a well-rated restaurant in the area. Afterwards, you can use Google Maps to guide you to your local gems!

While walking there, you pass a couple of restaurants that look good, but their menu is in a language you don't understand. With the power of the internet at your fingertips, you can use a tool like Google Translate to take a picture of the menu and instantly translate it into a language you can read. This can help you make informed decisions! Do you want to go to your local gem, or enter the one you found on the go?

After lunch, you might want to explore the area and see some of the local sights. With the help of the internet, you can plan a walking tour using an online map, or take a taxi to a viewing point using Uber of Bolt. In the taxi there, you can use another great tool enabled by internet: WhatsApp. You could use its video call feature to show our grandparents the amazing destination you’re visiting or simply use the time to reply to some of your friends.

Once you’re there, it’s of course time to take some stunning pictures of the view, of you, or of the group you’re traveling with. These pictures & videos can then go straight to a story on any social media platform like Instagram!

If you're a traveler and want to stay connected on your trip, there are a few options to consider. You could try using a SIM card from a local shop, but this has some downsides, such as changing your phone number, the need to store the SIM card safely, and the potential for battery drain when using a hotspot. Alternatively, you could buy roaming data, but this can be expensive and may not be a practical option for those on a budget.

For travelers who want an easy and convenient way to stay connected on the go, portable WiFi may be the perfect solution. You can connect to it like any other WIFI network, but it fits in your pocket! More people can connect to it as well, so it can be shared by couples or families too. A company that really made it as simple as possible for travelers is HUBBY to go, which offers portable WiFi routers that can be rented at participating hotels, eliminating the need to pre-order and have anything shipped to your house or hotel.

In today's modern world, having an internet connection while on vacation can make your trip more enjoyable and convenient by giving you access to a wide range of apps and tools that can help you plan, navigate, and share your experiences. It's not just about checking your email anymore – the internet can unlock all sorts of new possibilities to help you make the most of your holiday.

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