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Revolutionising Internet for Travelers

Like many people, I have experienced connectivity issues while traveling abroad. Even a trip to Germany would leave me with zero mobile data. As someone who is interested in technology, I have always been puzzled by how we could make such rapid progress in so many areas, yet connectivity still seemed to be lagging behind. Rockets now land on their own, we can alter genomes, AI makes better paintings than I ever could & will.

However, we still must put a tiny piece of plastic in our phone (a SIM card), every time we go abroad. Not only that, but you need to go to a sketchy store dealing with language barriers. Then we need to swap it out, change our phone number, and keep our personal SIM card somewhere safe. If our data runs out, good luck trying to top-up those gigabytes. The process is often painfully slow & difficult, especially for someone who just wants to go out and explore. It's either that, or washing your holiday budget down the drain just for a couple of GBs. You check a few restaurant reviews, swipe a few times on Instagram, and whoosh, all your gigabytes are gone with the wind!

a portable WIFI router from the brand HUBBY to go. It is also pocket WIFI, MIFI, dongle, or WIFI to go. It's used by travelers to get internet on their vacation. When on a holiday, they get unlimited internet from HUBBY's portable WIFI router
HUBBY's portable WIFI router & Rental Station

This frustration fostered an invention that had convenience at its core.

Easiest location to get data? Hotels.

Easiest progress to rent it? A QR code.

Annoying data bundles? Unlimited data.

What drives down prices? Shareable routers.

So we developed an autonomous rental station (The Hive), which rents out & charges portable WiFi routers (Hubbies). It's effortless for hotels to operate and enables them to provide a better service to guests. Travelers can grab a HUBBY as they’re leaving the lobby and simply return it later in The Hive.

It’s time to tear down roaming barriers and make internet accessible & affordable for all travelers! We strive to make adventures abroad even better.

Sincerely, Team HUBBY

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